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Pico Place Residence

Interior Design+ Decorating

We all dream of a home that is reflection of our personal style that we love to wake up and come home to. It’s truly invaluable to walk into every room in a home and feel comfort and at peace.

It is also important that a home has the right furniture and amenities that are capable of providing an eye pleasing design, function and organization to help control our chaotic and busy lives.

Pricing: $500 Consult Fee (Includes walk through, design plan + mood board).

Hourly Fee: $100 per hour

Hillside Residence

Home Staging

The Moxie team stages homes that are going on the market to assist you in getting the highest return on investment.


One Time Base Fee: $500

(Covers walk through, design strategy, movers, transportation for delivery and set-up).

Rental Prices:

Living Room: $400

Dining Room: $350

Kitchen: $50-$100

Bathrooms: $50-$100

Primary Bedroom: $350

Secondary/Kid Bedrooms: $250

Office: $250


Pricing includes 60 days (2 full months) of rental!!! Besides the $500 base fee, the remaining fee can be paid out of escrow!!!!

If you wish to extend staging beyond 60 days, monthly rental prices or a prorated daily fee will be charged.


New Construction +Rehab Assistance

The Moxie team has extensive experience in new construction and rehab design. We can direct and assist you in choosing: paint colors, lighting, flooring, cabinetry, tile, and the many other design elements that go into building or rehabbing a house.

$750 Consult Fee - Includes walk through, construction plan, + mood boards

Hourly Fee - $100 per hour