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Moxie Home Staging - Step 2

Step Two

Home Cleaning + Home Organizing

$65 per hour for (2) Moxie house cleaning + organizing professionals.

To prepare your home to sell we’ll help you clean each room from floor to ceiling, organize each room, and reduce the clutter so you are only packing what you need to take with you to your next home.   We believe home cleaning and organization go hand-in-hand especially when moving.  It’s the perfect time to go through the surplus of your belongings and reduce.  We have a friendly, yet systematic way of working with you in going through the plethora of items we all accumulate over time, so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming and stressful.  We will create our four “D” piles: donate, dump, don’t know, and don’t take.   Let us do all the work afterward.  We have a box truck as well as  other vehicles to load up all your large furniture and other smaller items you wish to donate and/or dump.

When moving-in and setting-up your next home without all the extra clutter, you will be so thankful you did this for yourself!

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